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A Slave’s Reward

Posted by eGZact on February 26, 2008


I pushed a little to sit him back on the bed. “I have a little…present for you,” I said, and spread my arms wide in front of me. “All you have to do is unwrap it.” He looked at me quizzically, a half-smirk smile on his face, and reached out for the tie on my black cloak. As he loosened the tie I shrugged back with my shoulders and dropped it to the floor behind me. My sub stared. I stood before him in a Black and Red Demi bra I had bought the day before at a specialty shop, one which fitted me perfectly, lifting my breasts up and out, my nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Around my waist was a matching garter belt that was clipped to thigh-high stockings, a touch designed to appeal to my identity and pronounced sexuality. Where my panties should have been was the cock I had purchased so long ago; gleaming slightly after the soapy scrubbing I had given it. Wisps of what little dark pubic hair I allow to remain on my shaved pussy escaping from behind the black leather patch that held it in place.


David’s eyes widened in disbelief, and I imagined that he had turned a shade paler in the dim light. I spoke to him caressingly, soothingly in the sexiest contralto I could muster up. “I want to reward you….you have been a good sub,” I said in a low whisper, “and I lust your entire body so much. I want to devour you for a change, to take you, every way, to do things to you that you never imagined.” I was running out of patience and genuinely wondered if you would receive my gift willingly. “But…if you don’t want to…I would have to take you!”

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