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The battle between hairy LABIA and shaved LABIA » hairy1

5 Responses to “hairy1”

  1. Gasman said

    Hmmmm! There is nothing like a nice, hairy pussy to go down on, or just to run your fingers through during foreplay. Any guy, or gal, who likes it bald, has something wrong in their head! I prefer a well rounded meal of fur burger, an order of thighs, and two large jugs of milk!!!

  2. pimpus mcdickly said

    same here if its bald ititsnt womanly looks to much like under age pussy thatsway wrong

  3. I went to high school with this woman. Seriously. Read about crime & bad romance in our hometown at

  4. It’s true; she’s Joan Bennett from Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Her mom was my French teacher.

  5. Terrific Post. There’s only One that can give the Love and Attention that is desired. We all will keep looking and getting vulnerable until we acquire Him or let Him come across us. 🙂

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