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A Slave’s Reward

Posted by eGZact on February 26, 2008


I pushed a little to sit him back on the bed. “I have a little…present for you,” I said, and spread my arms wide in front of me. “All you have to do is unwrap it.” He looked at me quizzically, a half-smirk smile on his face, and reached out for the tie on my black cloak. As he loosened the tie I shrugged back with my shoulders and dropped it to the floor behind me. My sub stared. I stood before him in a Black and Red Demi bra I had bought the day before at a specialty shop, one which fitted me perfectly, lifting my breasts up and out, my nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Around my waist was a matching garter belt that was clipped to thigh-high stockings, a touch designed to appeal to my identity and pronounced sexuality. Where my panties should have been was the cock I had purchased so long ago; gleaming slightly after the soapy scrubbing I had given it. Wisps of what little dark pubic hair I allow to remain on my shaved pussy escaping from behind the black leather patch that held it in place.


David’s eyes widened in disbelief, and I imagined that he had turned a shade paler in the dim light. I spoke to him caressingly, soothingly in the sexiest contralto I could muster up. “I want to reward you….you have been a good sub,” I said in a low whisper, “and I lust your entire body so much. I want to devour you for a change, to take you, every way, to do things to you that you never imagined.” I was running out of patience and genuinely wondered if you would receive my gift willingly. “But…if you don’t want to…I would have to take you!”


His gaze shot up, away from the cock jutting out of my pelvis, and locked with mine. I saw heat there, and hunger, and My sub rose to stand before me, asked my permission to approach me……crushing my body to his, the springy latex of the cock I wore pressed up against the sudden rock hardness of his own erect member. I tilted my face upwards and searched out his lips with my own, and then we kissed , not the deep soft passion that one shares but a hungry savage assault of lips and tongues and teeth that startled both of us by its fury. I broke the kiss first and looked sharply at him for signs of any hesitation or discomfort; there were none. I grinned at him, letting my evil and lusty feelings show through my eyes……letting the full force of my rising excitement show through.


“Lie down, my slave,” I said, “on your front.” He crawled onto the bed and did so gingerly, carefully positioning his erection as he lay down facing the foot of the bed, his legs on my pillows. Once he was down I stuck a pillow under his head to raise it a little, and then sat down on top of him, my butt resting on the small of his back. I then commenced a long back rub, beginning with the firm circular rubs just as I like so much and then tapering off to a more feathery touch. My rubs turned into caresses, and I heard him groan softly, deep within his pillow. I smiled, and wiggled back a little further until I was sitting up on his legs, just beneath his buttocks. My caresses moved up and down his muscular back, down his arms, across his broad width and then down the sides of his waist. Softly at first, I rubbed the back of my hands past his waist to the top of his crevice, and then across the width of his ass. He moaned again, and I drifted my touch down a little further.


Using both hands, one on each cheek, I began to massage his buttocks, my rubbing getting firmer. Waiting for a reaction I spread his cheeks apart, noticing as his muscles clenched almost involuntarily. I had never played with his ass in this manner, I thought with a smile that was more of an evil grin, realizing that no one probably ever had. I rubbed some more and then snaked a hand around underneath, moving between his legs and under to the front. Instantly his reactions became more pronounced, and his hips lifted off the bed as my hands hugged his balls, hefting them slightly, rubbing all over them and beneath them, putting firm pressure on the area between his testicles and his anus, massaging his prostate. My hand moved upwards and found the shaft of his cock and encircled it, and with firm pressure I held it tightly. I pulled up and down, emulating the masturbating strokes I had seen him employ before. He moaned loudly and spread his legs wider to give me greater access.


By now my slave was almost on his knees, his head still embedded in the pillow I had given him, his body now portraying the rear-entry position. I continued to stroke his cock, occasionally letting go of his shaft to run my open palm downward over his balls again to knead them and caress them, causing him to groan further out of the pleasure he was obviously experiencing. As he rose to his knees I moved around until I was sitting directly behind him, my hand between his legs and on his cock. Without breaking my rhythm I leaned forward and peered at his anus, at the small, dark opening that seemed so tightly shut. Hoping that he had heeded my request for thorough internal washing I let go of his cock; spread his ass cheeks apart, and began to run my tongue down his crack, to the tip of the entrance. As my obedient sub squirmed a bit I ran my tongue around its puckered surface, poking in a little with the tip. As I tongued him I returned my hand to his cock and was rewarded with a violent jerk, as it stood up stiffer than I had thought possible in response to my touch.


Ahhh, my slave was pushing his ass back against me now, swaying a little as I licked at his ass and pumped his cock, his head now raised and tilted back, his eyes closed. I stopped what I was doing and moved my mouth close to his ear. I whispered, “I own you and I want to fuck you, my little slut. I want to fuck you and enter you and fill you the way you do to me…” “Yesssss…” he hissed, his consciousness swirling in a haze of anal pleasure I never expected from him. I turned to my nightstand and found the tube of K-Y Jelly I kept there, pleased at the discovery that there was still some left. I squeezed some onto my finger and applied it to his entrance, massaging it in to the area. I added a more generous amount and saturated the area, rubbing around the rim of his hole and then slipping a finger inside, causing his hips to buck momentarily. I made little circles inside, making sure that he was well-lubricated, and then dropped a larger amount onto the cock I wore, rubbing it around the head and underneath, and then onto the shaft.


My slut spread his legs a little wider, opening him self fully to me. “I own you my lil slut,” I murmured, reassuring him with my words and my tone that I owned him and that this is the pleasurable reward his Mistress gives her slut boy when he obeys his Mistress’ every command. Moving very deliberately I kneeled behind my slave who was positioned with his ass in the air and his head in his pillow. This reminding myself of me lying there and of Linda, who had lain in that very position many times before, waiting for me to enter her with my cock. Using my hand I placed the cock’s tip at his entrance and moved it around the opening to ensure that there was enough lubrication to ease its entry into him. Resting one hand on his back I moved closer and began to push the cock into him, using my hand at first and not my hips.


My sub gasped as the cock pushed into his ass, and I pushed further until the flared crown of the latex cock was inside. I kept pushing, determined to get the whole thing in at once. He gasped again as the cock plunged deeper into his virgin territory (though maybe not–how did I know what had been in there when he was alone today?), and I rolled my hips forward until I had pushed it all the way within him, my pelvis up against his backside. He was on his hands and knees again, having raised himself a little to a better angle, and I was overcome with a sense of strangeness, of altered states. How many times had I fucked when he was behind me, pressing back against him as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside my body when I had him service me? Here we were roles reversed in a way I found very pleasing and I in total control as always.


I pulled my hips back slightly and the cock moved with me, pulling back out of my slut’s ass most of the way. I pushed back inwards; he gasped once again, and then emitted a low moan; I pulled back; I thrust forward; he moaned again. Slowly and gradually I began to fuck him with the cock I wore, in and out of his ass in a deliberate but steady rhythm. Slut began to moan in earnest now, his anal passage becoming accustomed to the length and width of the cock. The stimulation of my fucking motions was getting to him, and his hips began to move in rhythm with the thrusts I made. With one hand he grabbed hold of the bed’s footboard to steady him self. With the other he began to pump his cock, his hand picking up speed rapidly.


I stopped moving and rested my hands on his waist, just above his hips, the cock buried in him to the hilt. I spoke to him slowly, with urgency: “No, slut! … slowly … I want the pain in your cock to last until I give you permission to start counting down to explosion.” Immediately his hand slowed its pumping, and I resumed the rhythm of my thrusting moving the cock smoothly forward and back, in and out of his ass. I spoke again, expressing the excitement he was feeling was to last. “I’m fucking you, my whore. My cock is moving in and out of you, in, as I pushed forward a little harder and out, as I pulled back…fucking you like you want to fuck your Mistress…do you want me to *fuck* you? Do you like it when your Mistress *fucks* you?” “Yes,” he moaned, “fuck me…yessss…”


We were both as far into this as we could be, and although I wasn’t the one being penetrated I was getting more and more excited, the outside of my vaginal area being stimulated by the rubbing of the harness I wore. I pushed the cock deep into my slut whore again and kept it there, pushing my pelvis firmly up against his ass so that the harness pushed back against me. I began to move up and down, masturbating myself with the leather patch over my pussy as the cock’s movement inside my slut’s ass stimulated him. He grunted in a pleasurable pain as the cock drove deep inside him, but he was getting close as his hand frantically pumped away at his cock. I grabbed his hips harder with my hands, pulling him back against me as I rubbed myself up against him. He felt me fucking him and holding him as I fucked him and my thighs were pressed against the back of his thighs as we rocked together and he groaned and shouted “Oh yes fuck me oh I love you fucking me, fuck me I am your whore, use me, I am your slave, slut.”. At that moment I told him to start counting down…louder …. who are you…..who owns you!!!! I felt him jerk as he started spurting. I was burning and rubbing and I was also cumming at the sound of his moans as he counted 5, 4, I am yours mistress, 3 fuck me, use me, I am yours 2, 1 and I fucked him and we both came and came and came and came–


I had cum so hard my arms and legs were twitching afterwards as I subsided. My lil sub was hanging against the footboard, exhausted and limp, his hand, belly and knees damp with his cum. I put my hand around the base of the latex cock and began to withdraw it slowly, slowly, and ever so slowly. It slid out smoothly, still lubricated even after our violent fucking, and with a final careful tug it emerged from his ass and I leaned back. I fetched some tissues and wiped the lubricant around my wilted subs anus, discovering as I did so a drop of blood; I must have cut or irritated him at some point. I pulled him back to me and asking if he was all right while his Mistress took heed in cleaning the area properly, reassuring him that I will always take care of him.


My slut smiled at me, his eyes still half-closed, curled up as a baby resting himself at my feet. “That had been the best orgasm I ever had,” he said wearily, “and I bet it was the noisiest, that’s for sure.” I laughed lovingly “The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you,” I said. The next time you earn rewarding I may take you to the next level.”


He then took his place at the foot of the bed as I laid myself back to drift into a long deserved sleep. He had pleased his Mistress and shall clean up tomorrow.

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