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A Slave’s Reward

Posted by eGZact on February 26, 2008


I pushed a little to sit him back on the bed. “I have a little…present for you,” I said, and spread my arms wide in front of me. “All you have to do is unwrap it.” He looked at me quizzically, a half-smirk smile on his face, and reached out for the tie on my black cloak. As he loosened the tie I shrugged back with my shoulders and dropped it to the floor behind me. My sub stared. I stood before him in a Black and Red Demi bra I had bought the day before at a specialty shop, one which fitted me perfectly, lifting my breasts up and out, my nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Around my waist was a matching garter belt that was clipped to thigh-high stockings, a touch designed to appeal to my identity and pronounced sexuality. Where my panties should have been was the cock I had purchased so long ago; gleaming slightly after the soapy scrubbing I had given it. Wisps of what little dark pubic hair I allow to remain on my shaved pussy escaping from behind the black leather patch that held it in place.


David’s eyes widened in disbelief, and I imagined that he had turned a shade paler in the dim light. I spoke to him caressingly, soothingly in the sexiest contralto I could muster up. “I want to reward you….you have been a good sub,” I said in a low whisper, “and I lust your entire body so much. I want to devour you for a change, to take you, every way, to do things to you that you never imagined.” I was running out of patience and genuinely wondered if you would receive my gift willingly. “But…if you don’t want to…I would have to take you!”

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More Family Guy Sex

Posted by eGZact on February 18, 2008

No one has had bad sex like the cast of Family Guy :))

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Lois Kills Stewie – episode #103

Posted by eGZact on February 5, 2008

Returning from her presumed death, Lois reveals her attempted killer to be Stewie. Stewie then takes his family hostage, slowly gaining more power until the world itself is at its knees. Desperate to put an end to Stewie’s reign of terror, Lois realizes what she must do

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Devil’s Mark

Posted by eGZact on February 1, 2008

During the time of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, it was believed that the Devil placed upon his human brides, the witches, a special mark that was insensitive to pain. Because it was supposed that such a mark might be well hidden somewhere on the witch’s body, one of the first of the many degrading and painful ordeals of the Inquisition began when the accused woman was turned over to the torturers to have her body shaved in search of the “Devil’s Mark.”

The Spanish Inquisition was ordered to rid Europe of heretics. By 1257, the Church officially sanctioned torture as a means of forcing witches, sorcerers, and shape shifters to confess their alliance with Satan.

Once the alleged spot—which could well have been a mole or a birthmark—was found, the torturers would insert long, sharp pins into the victim’s flesh or sear the mark with red-hot branding irons in order to test its resistance to pain. The fact that the suspected area gave no indication of being immune to pain did nothing to absolve the woman accused of witchcraft from later being burned at the stake.

In 1486, two devout priests, Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer, published Malleus Maleficarum (A Hammer for Witches), the book that became the handbook of the professional witch hunters. Charles Williams, writing in his Witchcraft, believes that Sprenger and Kramer proceeded with great care to examine the nature of witchcraft and to analyze the best methods of operating against its menace. They perceived the witches as making use of their unholy alliance with Satan to corrupt the generative powers of humankind. In addition, they believed that witches sought to depopulate Christendom by demanding the sacrifice of children and babies. Read the rest of this entry »

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