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Magic Wand

Posted by eGZact on November 4, 2007

“You mean you don’t have one?”

“Um, no. I don’t. I guess I just don’t think about it very much.”

“Oh, honey, if I didn’t have one I’d go crazy.” Katia said.

Katia and Lisa were hunched over books on opposite sides of Katia’s room. Katia was reading about ancient Japan, Lisa was reading a botany textbook. Neither of them were really reading, though, as so often would happen on a Tuesday night.

Katia was going to major in art. She was a first-generation college student whose Mom was a legal secretary. Lisa had grown up with academic parents, and she didn’t really know what she was going to major in. They had become friends rather quickly, and very close ones for all their opposite characteristics, Katia’s mercurial quickness to Lisa’s deliberation, Katia’s lithe darkness to Lisa’s soft, pale, redhead curves.

“I bet you’ve never even seen one.”

Katia was sounding unusually snotty about it, actually. Lisa felt her cheeks get a little warm.

“Yes I….ok fine, no I haven’t. Pictures, yes. Like, in a catalog. But I didn’t have the nerve to buy one.”

Katia asked, a little more kindly, as Lisa got defensive – “Would you like to see mine?”

Lisa’s brow furrowed. “Um, no.”

“Can I at least tell you about it? How good it feels, how much easier it is to fall asleep? When Bridget’s over at her boyfriend’s is the only time I can use it, though.”


“Yeah, it makes too much noise. Come on, just take a look at it.”

Without waiting for an answer Katia opened up her closet and started digging around, various black and grey sweaters flying.

“Katia, what about Bridget?”

“Lock the door, Lisa.”

Lisa got up, padded across the room in her white athletic socks and locked the door. She wasn’t sure why she was listening to Katia, but she decided to go along.

Katia patted the space next to her on the bed, the wand vibrator, big as a lamb shank and kind of unsexily awkward, in her hand.

Lisa sat next to her, some space in between. Katia drew closer. For the first time that proximity felt really weird to Lisa. In fact this whole thing felt really weird. Not bad weird, just out of the ordinary.

“It’s so nice Lisa. It’s like if you had a hundred fluttering fingers to rub your clit with. It makes me come so hard, and so much. I have to bite the pillow so I don’t scream. It’s better than any guy I’ve ever let touch me, really.”

Katia wet her lips. As assured as she might have been at first she was really nervous. Lisa was making her wet, just sitting there, looking the way she looked, and smelling as sweet as she smelled. She was so pretty. Katia’s desire was a painful pang in her cunt, the more she looked, the more she thought about spreading Lisa’s lips and running the head of the vibrator up and down the cleft of her cunt. Then following in its wake with her tongue.

“You really should have one, someone like you…”

“What does that mean?” Lisa was obviously offended.

“I mean…you’re so pretty.”

Katia suddenly turned the vibe on, the low, gentle setting, and held it against the place where she guessed Lisa’s tit was hidden in her sweatshirt. The buzz touched Lisa’s nipple, an electic ripple of pleasure that made her gasp.

“Katia, no…I…this…”

“I mean it Lisa, I just think someone like you should feel good. Just give me a chance.” Katia was whispering now, and pulled herself to her knees, on top of the bed. “We’re friends aren’t we?”

“Yeah, really good friends, Katia, but…”

“Doesn’t it feel good? Just give me a chance to make you feel good.”

Lisa shut her eyes, willed herself to stay still. Her nipples became erect, alive, and she had to admit it.

“Yes Katia, it feels good.”

“Good. You’re so pretty Lisa. I don’t even think you know it. I’ve always thought you were.”

Lisa didn’t answer, she just felt her face get warm, almost unbearably warm.



“Do, you….think I’m pretty?”

Katia seemed so vulnerable that Lisa actually felt bad for her. She smiled at her friend.

“Yes Katia, you’re really pretty.”


“Yeah, I mean that.”

“Ok, good. Good.”

Katia couldn’t think of anything else to say. The vibe buzzed awkwardly in the room. Instead of talking she leaned over and kissed her friend’s cheek, right near her jawbone, right near her ear, the softest kiss she could manage. Lisa, hesitant, felt her cunt clutch. Pulse. This could not be happening, but it was. And it was happening wonderfully. Katia whispered in her ear.

“I’ve thought about this for a long time…a lot of times when I use the vibrator, I think about you, using it on me, me using it on you. I’d love for that to happen. It doesn’t have to be now, if you’re not ready. Can I kiss you?”

Lisa didn’t say anything, an intense shiver of excitement was moving up her spine. Without an answer Katia’s lips were on hers. Soft, softer than any Lisa had ever felt or imagined. Sweet, baby-sweet, the littlest kiss.

” I think about using this vibe on you, on spreading your sweet pussy apart and running it back and forth and back and forth over your clit till you just…melt…”

Lisa felt her cunt hunger, maddeningly. She’d only felt it like that with guys, and she never let them get anywhere down there, not so far. She lifted her sweatshirt over her head, her full, pale breasts contained in a plain white bra.

“Oh my God, Lisa, you’re so gorgeous.” Katia’s black eyes were wide, and heated, she stared at Lisa’s breasts. Lisa nodded.

“Take your shirt off Katia, it’s ok.”

“I don’t have a bra on.”

Lisa laughed. Katia was taken aback for a moment, then laughed too.

“That’s kind of the point isn’t it?” Lisa asked.

Katia smiled, and lifted her black shirt up. Her breasts were small and pointed skyward, their nipples a rosewood color, brownish red, her areolae large.

Katia held the vibe against one of her own nipples. It tightened even more, a hard knot of flesh. “It feels so good Lisa, and so good to do this with you. Take off your bra.”

“What about Bridget?”

“Leave the door locked. Come on, Lisa, I want you so bad.”

Lisa unhooked the bra from the back, her big, pink-tipped breasts spilling out.

“Oh my God, they’re so pale and so gorgeous, Lisa. I have to suck your tits.”

Lisa felt a shudder. This was really real. Did lesbians say things like “tits?” She wasn’t sure. What scared her was not that this might be bad, but that she didn’t know what the hell to do.

Katia clicked the vibe off and pushed Lisa onto her back. Lisa was close to protesting, but she felt Katia’s mouth, Katia’s meltingly sweet lips on her nipples. Lisa heard herself moan. Katia sucked a rose-pink nipple into her mouth, hard enough to heat it, send a signal to Lisa’s cunt. Katia cupped Lisa’s tits, let them drop, buried her face in the cleavage, tongue wagging over the soft, freckled, white flesh. It was so good, it was almost too good, Lisa felt the soles of her feet heat up, she was so turned on. And scared.



“Everything is ok, just…”

“What is it?”

“I don’t want to lick…down there.”

“No baby, you don’t have to. We do what you like. I promise.” Katia wriggled up, her small tits brushing Lisa’s large ones, her hard nipples leaving friction. She kissed Lisa again, more deeply, and Lisa returned the kiss. Katia’s kisses were probing, intent, and somehow, intuitive, sensitive, there was no fumbling to it. Lisa felt differently than she had with boyfriends. Lisa kissed Katia’s throat. She tongued the skin of Katia’s delicate neck. She got handfulls of Katia’s sweet, jeans-covered ass and squeezed.

“I want to kiss your tits, Kat.”

Katia smiled.

“You’ve never called me Kat before. I like it, it’s cute.”

Katia gasped and quieted when she felt Lisa’s mouth, her tongue, lapping her nipples, nipping teeth, soft, full lips working at her breasts. Lisa’s fingers pinched at her nipples, lightly, then harder, then rolled them lightly, then flicked at each as though it were a wet clit. Katia moaned into Lisa’s neck, into the red wavy vines of her hair. Lisa kissed Katia over and over, convincing herself it was really happening, realizing how glad she was that it was happening. Still, kissing a girl is one thing, pussy eating, fucking, vibrators, fists…these are another.

Lisa straddled one of Katia’s thighs, began humping it in a light, slow grind. The covers bunched and rustled and Lisa’s long hair spread on the pillows. Katia grasped a fistful of it and used it to pull Lisa’s head back.

“Take off your pants, Lisa.”

That somehow upped the ante.

“No, Kat.”

“I’ll do it first then. You can just watch.”

Katia jumped up to get out of her jeans. Lisa looked up as Katia eyed her, a look of pure lust in her dark eyes, a cheek length lock of black hair falling in her face. Katia looked intensely sexy. She worked her way out of her jeans, then out of her black, lacy panties. Her snatch was shaved except for a small strip above her clit. Lisa was suddenly embarrassed about her own red tufts of hair.

Not that she was going to let Katia see it.

Katia knelt over Lisa, her knees to either side of Lisa’s knees. She stuck her fingers between her lips and moved them back and forth. Lisa could hear the sticky sound her hand made, the wet sound.

“Lisa you’re so hot, look at me. Look at what you’re doing to me. Feel how wet I am…” Katia’s hand began moving a little faster. Her small, narrow fingers glistened. Lisa could smell her. Not like fish, like so many people always said. Headier. Less fish, more papaya.

“No Kat.”

“All right, feel how wet you are. Come on Lisa. Take off your sweats. Please.”


“I won’t touch you, I just want you to touch you…please….let me see it.”

Lisa didn’t move.

“Do you like watching it, Lisa?”

Lisa sat up a bit, rested her back against the wall at the head of the bed. Katia still hovered over her legs.


“It’s sexy?”

“Yeah, Kat, you’re sexy.”

“Here, watch.”

Katia picked up the vibe again and dropped lower, her ass resting on her heels. She pulled back the folds of her cunt, let them slip through her fingers, let Lisa see her, pried open. Katia was trembling visibly.

“Lisa I’m so fucking hot for you, don’t do this to me. Come on, take off your pants.”

“No, Kat.”

It was pointless. Katia had grabbed Lisa’s pants and her plain white panties and was tugging them down, down to Kat’s knees, and then off. She pushed Katia’s thighs apart and looked down at Lisa’s cunt. Pale pink lips peeked out, puffy and wet in a red-gold nest of hair.

“I love your pussy.” Katia whispered, kissing Lisa again, kissing so lightly, it was as good as prying Lisa’s mouth open. Lisa tongued the sweet inside of Katia’s mouth, pushed her tits against Katia’s.

“Touch yourself, Lisa, feel how wet you are, I know you’re wet. I know you want to do this…” Katia had moved close, close enough for their faces to touch, the wand vibe purring away in her hand.

Lisa felt her hand move to her cunt. The wetness held in place by the surface tension between her lips. Her hands breaking the tension so that her wetness flowed onto her hands, liberally. She smelled herself, smelled herself at her most turned-on. Felt her own wetness.

“I want to make you come and come Lisa, I want to lick your precious cunt, I want to suck your tits, I want to kiss you and kiss you, I want to sleep with you, I want to put my fingers in you…I want to stick my tongue in your pussy as far as I can, I want to lick your asshole…”

“No, Kat.”

“Yes. I want you to ride this vibe. I want you to hump this vibe and I want you to fucking come so hard….” Katia had pulled Lisa’s hand aside, began pushing her thighs open again, all the way open.

Lisa was resisting with her voice, but not her thighs, her protests diminishing as Katia pressed the tennis-ball sized head of the rumbling vibe to Lisa’s soaked pussy, griding it down, back and forth, the profound vibration instantly effective. Katia watched her friend come and come, in waves of explosive pleasure, come and come, till she screamed, till her scream became teary eyed. Katia finally dropped the vibe and pinned it against Lisa’s mound with the weight of her own, her clit grinding against the convulsive, relentless vibration, joining Lisa’s orgasmic tremors and cries, her tits rubbing Lisa’s, her mouth catching Lisa’s nipples here and there in a hard sucking kiss. As the vibration became unbearable to Lisa, Katia snatched the vibrator and hugged it to her own clit, ground it against her dark-lipped snatch. With low, muffled sounds Katia was wracked with just as intense orgasms. She rode on the waves of the vibration, till her clit ached, till she was sore.

Finished, Katia dropped the vibrator. Lisa lay panting still, exhausted, her face red and her eyes still glossy. The pleasure was overwhelming, excruciating, almost. Before Lisa could say anything, though, she arched back sharply and moaned to feel Katia’s mouth, the unbelievable softness of it, latched to her pussy, licking the wetness out of her, licking at the inside barrel of her pussy, licking at her swollen, aching lips, licking so softly at her tormented clit.


No answer, just the busy, soft, wet sounds of Kat’s mouth, her lips, her tongue, saliva and pussy wetness.

“Kat….yes. Oh, God, yessss.”

Lisa’s back arched, her hands uncurled. For the first time all night her entire body relaxed.

Katia’s hands slid under her ass, caressing. Her tongue stayed soft, easy on Lisa’s tired clit. She dragged it up against Lisa’s hood, slowly, repeatedly. She kissed and licked the inside of Lisa’s pillowy, white thighs. Her finger prodded ever so gently at Lisa’s tight pink asshole.

“Kat, yes. Fuck yes.”

Lisa’s hips began to buck more with arousal, Katia’s tongue became faster, more determined. Her index finger invaded Lisa’s ass, lightly, shallowly. Lisa fingered her own nipples, held her lips apart for her friend to access her whole cunt more easily…took hold of Katia’s hair and pulled her head tighter between her thighs, pulled her wonderful mouth harder into her cunt.

“Kat, let me lick you. Sixty nine me, come on, do it.”

Katia’s head shook in the negative between Lisa’s legs.


Katia paused long enough to resposition. Her mouth dove down onto Lisa’s snatch again and began to feast more agressively on her clit. Katia jammed two fingers into the wet folds, playing, plying the lips, doing wonderful things inside Lisa. Lisa stared up at her friends pussy. The lips were dark, edged purple, clean and sweet looking. She raised her head, touched the tip of her tongue to the tiny peak of Katia’s hood, to the tip of Katia’s clit, and Katia moaned into her. The scent was not unpleasant. Lisa pushed Katia’s lips apart and looked. Her pussy was lovely, delicate, foreign to Lisa and exciting. She stuck two fingers into Katia, and marveled at how much Katia felt just like her. She moved inside Katia, provoking another moan. Lisa began to lick at Katia’s clit, just as Katia was doing to her, fluttering her tongue over it hard and fast.

She was determined to make Kat come. Make Kat scream. Make Kat beg for her to stop and never stop. She grabbed a hold of Katia’s slim hips and pulled her closer to her mouth, stuck her tongue into her wet slit, attacked her clit with her tongue, and made wild circles, gestures and movements. Katia was mirroring the activity on Lisa. It was Katia whose climax broke first though, Lisa could hear her scream and feel her stomach and thighs tighten, moments before Lisa gasped and shuddered for what seemed like the millionth time that night, but the first time with another girl’s tongue wrapped around her clit.

The girls, spent, lapped softly at each other, came down from the delierium of sex. Katia righted herself and embraced Lisa. They pulled up the covers and snuggled, giggling occasionally at the enjoyment of what they’d just done.

“Hey, Kat, click up the Internet in a few.” Lisa kissed her friend. Her girlfriend.

“Why Lisa?”

“I need to get a vibrator. And a strap on. Maybe two?”

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