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Stewie Kills Lois (Part 1) – episode #102

Posted by eGZact on October 31, 2007

You can watch the latest episode from Family Guy (not final air version) here:

The end will let you hanging, waiting for part 2… which I hope it will be released soon (also not the final air version)

3 Responses to “Stewie Kills Lois (Part 1) – episode #102”

  1. Leonard said

    Dude, this is awesome!!! This episode rocks and the download link was a hot tip. Thanks!!!
    I’ll check by later to see the update 😛

  2. saleh said

    ممكن ارسال افلام او برامج لفتح المواقع المحجوبة

  3. James said

    They should have some episodes where the possibility that Stewie is the Antichrist is explored. Or that Stewie’s real father is The Cigarette Smoking Man(X-Files). Someone(an American,I forget his name) once wrote a book on geopolitics, stating that to dominate the world, one would have to gain control of Eastern Europe, to gain control of Eurasia. That America would not be the right location to base domination of the world from. Perhaps, one day Stewie could encounter this idea, and adjust his strategy, tactics, plans accordingly. These episodes would involve a trip to Europe. Perhaps the little monster could arrange for the Griffin family to win a trip to Europe. Then,the unfortunate inhabitants could feel the power of his evil genius, lust for power,wrath,disregard for human life, etc. Come to know the power of the dark side(basically, the main component) of his precociously evil little personality.

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