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Family Guy Sex Marathon

Posted by eGZact on October 31, 2007

Just got into this fucking funny site:

Family Guy Sex Marathon

“A family that fucks together stays together lol. In this Family Guy sex orgy everyone gets into the action with Lois pulling out her sons cock after she sees he has a huge erection after seeing her in the nude.”

60 Responses to “Family Guy Sex Marathon”

  1. BOB said


  2. um said


  3. george said

    that’s grose

  4. tom said


  5. rasmus said

    what the fuck is wrong wtih you!!!!!!!!!!

  6. marco said

    love the expression on Brian’s face…he he he…pretty funny.

  7. Gus said

    fuck you guys thats hot

  8. azpirita said

    CRACKS ME UP!!!! Where do U think evil alien child is? …stewie’s gotta be somewhere no doubt – he wldnt miss dis family get-2getha for the world!

  9. Nick said


  10. The only saine one here said

    YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING SICK!!! No this is not a reallt funny family guy cartoon… Family guy had nothing to do with the making of this sick frankenstien of a cartoon. I know the voice of family guy, Seth McFarlene and I also know the website this is from (no not because i go there or went there because i typed in Family Guy and it loaded up that site) Any way. The Family Guy creator is not a sick bi-sexual pedifile (although some times the comedy in his cartoon may mislead you) and he would never have anything to do with this. There for we can lable this having nothing to do with the creator of family guy, so there is no getting away with saying things like “If you watch family guy you will probably love these cartoons” ZOOPORA!!! I am a artist that draws REAL women nude for a living and my pictures are at least 3 times better than this peice of shit. I would give you positive critisim on what to do better next time, but FUCK i don’t wanta next time!!! If I see anything like this again I am going to tell my freind, Seth McFarlene (the voice of Family Guy) what your doing to his charector and he’ll figure out what to do next. thank you for your time.

  11. jeff said

    to bad your dumb ass cannot spell character stupid ass bitch. this is funny!

  12. #11 is a retard said

    This picture is hot and ur mad that you cant do any better #11

  13. #11 shut the fuk up said

    calm down u pussy ass bitch its just a joke go suck a dick if u aint got any humor

  14. Damn You #11 said

    omigod man you are annoyin #11 you dont know the voice of peter griffen you dont paint naked women and you surely can’t spell so get o ff the computer little boy before your mommy comes

  15. death said

    this is fucking disgusting why would someone think that familys having sex witheachother having sex with eachother is disturbing daughter licking mom dad fucking daugher not coool fucking nastey i puked when i saw this

    • Cheeky67 said

      Nasty doesn’t have an ‘e’ in it. Wow, if your going to bitch at least learn to spell

    • Jim said

      Y would you do that this is one of the best things ever

    • Alyssa said

      Bro, lighten the fuck up. It’s only a cartoon. They aren’t real people. Breathe. Inhale, exhale. Use a dick. -_-

    • HailSatan said

      FUCK YOU. Just saying. I’ll tell you what. This is like my ultimate fantasy in real life. I would love to have a daughter, wait til she’s a teenager (although I don’t care too much about that) and have a threesome. The idea of a daughter licking her mom’s pussy turns me on big time. Honestly, it’s good to see Meg getting laid. At least she’s getting some, unlike when Seth writes. He always portrays her so badly. Fucking hot. If I was in the family guy universe I’d try to figure a way to join in.

  16. vis said


  17. lionel said

    i likey

  18. bitch said


  19. Doodle said

    That is so sexy! i like lois’ big tits, meg’s big ass and the dad’s big cock!

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  22. the said

    that is fucking hilarious you other ppl should just shut the fuck up and stay off of these sites iif you dont like it

  23. Skeet Skeet bitch said

    All of you who are complaining about this are the puritanicle idiots who have done nothing but ruin the humorous way of life that some of us actually enjoy. If you don’t want to see these things then go Here, otherwise just enjoy it for what it is, nothing more than a twisted way to make something a little more humorous. Idiots.

  24. bob said

    i think this is hot cause im a beast at drawing family guy sex and i would like 2 fuck meg in this pic

  25. ASDF said

    fucking disgusting

  26. james said

    Is it wrong to have a boner? ha joke

  27. Connor said

    Thats nice

  28. A_Clockwork_Alex said

    that was intresting needs more ultra violence like say quagmeyer gutting clevland while the griffins had wild sex..or chris raping bonnie that would be more humorous and death can be singing in the rain!-alex

  29. renegade tiles chicka said

    thats awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. A_Clockwork_Alex said

    indeed very awesome 😀

  31. bob said

    I love the thought of my sister licking out my Mom and my Dad fucking her up the ass. I wish I was Brian in this picture, I’d be chocking lois (Mom) whilst pulling on my cock and I’d cum in megs face.
    Think I’ll just sit and slap my cock till I cum over this one.

  32. Tim Dawson said

    Fuck Thats Hot Im Batting Off To That Right Now

  33. ur mother said

  34. I did #11's mum. said

    Damn right this is hot.

  35. dumb ass said

    my god this isnt meant to be humorous its cartoon porn which sum ppl find arousing
    tbh i used to be but im not feeling the right mood 4 these cartoons any more and if u dont like it stop typing it into google my christ i dont think u will get these pics if u didnt try and search it or put no filter while searching .u bunch of bloody women.

  36. Me said

    Mmmmmm… Now that’s gonna get this old man’s juices flowin’. Mmmmmmmm. Where’s Chris? On his paper route? Mmmmmmm… Meg sure is looooookin’ real good. Mmmmmmmm.

  37. joe said

    this is grouse you perverted sick homos wtf is wrong with you people


  38. carlos said

    esta chiada la foto, vivan los latinos

  39. Godan said

    I’ve got my own creations, how do I submit them?

  40. Issac Maez said

    Hey! Awesome site! I will definatley be coming back in the near future =)

  41. DaveH said

    Ha! Good one, it’s cool to see cartoons imitating real life! Thanks for this one, keep ’em coming (so to speak).

  42. Ryan Adamson said

    That is soooo hot! Fuck I love that!!!!!!

  43. You’re probably right then. Family guy has done much, much worse. What a great show!

  44. bill said

    You are all fuckin dumb. This is really funny but its not in any way hot. All you people that say this is hot: you are all sick motherfuckers. Just sayin. And all the people that say this is not funny: FUCK YOU!!! This is fuckin hilarious! Thanks for your time.

  45. guruSUPERmaster said


  46. bobly said

    hahahahaha its amusing watching people get bitched at and it great

  47. tt said

    i love it show griffins dick next time

  48. HailSatan said

    Yes, meg, lick your mom’s pussy. It’d be great if mom-daughter-father incest happened more often. It’s fucking hot.

  49. Thanks a ton for taking some time to create “Family Guy Sex Marathon eGZact as … or not”.
    Thanks a ton for a second time ,Rosaura

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